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#319 : Grace de pique

Karen essaie de se débarrasser de sa belle mère et la laisse à Will et Jack qui avaient prévu d’aller s’amuser en boîte. Ils partent quand même en emmenant la belle mère qui finit par donner des conseils à Will pour obtenir un rendez vous galant.

Pendant ce temps, Grace s’aperçoit que quelqu’un a enlevé ses vêtements qui était à l’intérieur d’une machine de la laverie . Elle finit par trouver l’homme responsable et après un baiser inattendu accepte de sortir avec lui


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Titre VO
Poker ? I Don't Even Like Her

Titre VF
Grace de pique

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Scénario : Jeff Greenstein

Réalisation : James Burrows

Guests :

  • Woody Harrelson (Nathan)
  • Branden Williams (Scott Sender)
  • Ellen Albertini Dow (Sylvia Walker)
  • Marshall Manesh (Mr. Zamir)

SCENE I: Will's apartment

(Will and Jack are having breakfast.)
WILL: Oh, I forgot to tell you. Remember that ultra-hip club, the Atom Bar? I'm not revealing my sources, but apparently it is re-opening this Friday.
JACK: (Rolling eyes, then pretending to be on the telephone.) Hello, "Day-Old News?" Yeah, I'd like to cancel Will Truman's subscription. Yeah. he's going to be giving his business to "Behind the Times." Ok. Ok, ok. Ok. I love you, too. Bye-bye.
WILL: You knew-- Why wouldn't you tell me?
JACK: Because you know how you are at these things. You stand in a corner, pretending to be waiting for somebody. "Where is my fake person? I told my fake person to be here at 9:00 sharp." You never have any fun. Come on, you're just like a little willflower.
WILL: You're right. But that was the me of the past. The me of the future is totally different.
JACK: Yeah? How?
WILL: I'm gonna make my fake person Italian.
GRACE: (Exiting her bedroom) Will, I need quarters. (Grace enters, dressed like Daisy Duke.)
WILL: (Southern accent, re: her outfit) Well, I'm plumb out. But I imagine Boss Hog and the Hazard boys might have two bits.
GRACE: It's laundry day, ok? It was either this or a peach bridesmaid dress, and I've been wearing that all day.
WILL: Oh, um, there's a roll of quarters in my top drawer right beside my eye cream and my pedicure kit. Wow. my dad would be so proud of me.
KAREN: (Entering, panicked) Help me. Hide me. She's after me.
WILL: Wh-what's the matter, does your stepdaughter want a hug?
KAREN: No, fruit loop. Stanley's mother's in town. You gotta let me hide out here. She'll never think to look for me in government-assisted housing.
WILL: She just makes you want to give, doesn't she?
KAREN: I mean, look at me. I got the shakes and for all the wrong reasons.
JACK: Karen, I haven't seen you this freaked out since you turned 42. 1! 34--2--1! Pretty girl, pretty girl! Pretty girl.
WILL: Karen, wouldn't it be better to just to learn to deal with her? I mean, think about it. She's the mother of the man whose bank account you love. That relationship's not gonna go away.
KAREN: I see where you're going with this, Wilma, but... I can't have her whacked. Oh, God. Just knowing she's in town, it just consumes me completely. I mean, I get-- I feel like I can't think about anything else.
GRACE: Hey, Kar.
KAREN: Yee-haw! Look who put the ho in hoedown! Ha ha ha! Oh, thank you, honey. Your little costume sure brightened my day.

SCENE II: Will's apartment building: the laundry room

(Grace is checking on her laundry. Her neighbor, Mr. Zamir, is sitting in his underwear and t-shirt reading a paper.)
GRACE: What is this? Oh, my God! I cannot believe it. Someone took my wet laundry out of the dryer and put theirs in. That is like the rudest thing-- (To Mr. Zamir) Did you do this?!
GRACE: Well, then who did?
MR. ZAMIR: I was thrown out of my country for informing on my neighbor.
GRACE: So you're not gonna tell me?
MR. ZAMIR: Yes, I am. The guy in 12C. God bless America!
(Cut to Grace knocking on the door of apartment 12C. Nathan opens the door.)
GRACE: Excuse me. Did you take someone's clothes out of the dryer and put yours in?
NATHAN: Yes, I did. (He closes the door. Grace knocks on the door. Nathan opens the door.)
GRACE: Those clothes were mine.
NATHAN: Listen, I can't get into this right now. I'm in the middle of a project. (Nathan begins to close the door, but Grace barges in. Nathan's apartment is very messy.)
GRACE: Uh, hey. hey, buster, I'm in the middle of a project, too. It's called my life.
NATHAN: You know what, I'm making a mix tape. And if this Alice Cooper song runs out, the whole tape is ruined. (Nathan puts on a pair of headphones.)
GRACE: Wait, that's your project? A mix tape? No, a mix tape is not a project. It's something you do between bong hits, and-- Excuse-- Excuse me, I'm talking to you. (Grace unplugs his headphones.)
NATHAN: Hey, hey! Never do that! Never do that! This is my work! I wouldn't come into your dairy and unplug the milking machine.
GRACE: Ok, all right. You know what? What you did down in the laundry room is unacceptable. Taking my clothes out--
NATHAN: Hey, you're a girl. What is the most romantic Megadeath song?
GRACE: What?
NATHAN: Well, I had a big fight with my girlfriend. She says I'm aimless and don't have any ambition, so I decided to make her this tape: "Heavy Metal Songs of Love and Devotion."
GRACE: Hey, good plan. Yeah, you know, I always thought that if Humphrey Bogart had just made Ingrid Bergman a mix tape, she never would've gotten on that plane.
NATHAN: Huh! What, you're gonna give me relationship advice? Yeah, that's what I need. Then maybe I could find some nice gay guy to live with for the rest of my adult life.
GRACE: You know what? I'm going to accept that as an apology for my laundry.

SCENE III: Will's apartment

(Jack enters.)
JACK: I got your message. What do you need?
WILL: Two tickets to the opening of the Atom Bar tonight.
JACK: Ahh. Oh my god! Oh my god!
WILL: Aah!
JACK: I'd love to!
WILL AND JACK: (Hugging) We're going! We're going!
WILL: (Singing) Hey, Mr. D.J., put a record on--
WILL AND JACK: (Singing) I wanna dance with my baby.
JACK: Uh, uh, uh, uh!
JACK: (Screeching and dancing) Music makes the people come together!
WILL: Jack, Jack. No, no, Jack, Jack. Jack. Jack. Don't do that part. (Knock on door)
KAREN: (Entering) Hello, boys. Got a little surprise for ya.
WILL: Hide the crucifixes. Beelzebooze is here.
KAREN: Ha ha. Oh, honey. I got a fake laugh with your name all over it. Now I want you to meet my mother-in-law, Sylvia Walker. Haul it in here, Syl. (Sylvia Walker enters. She's a short old woman, with a squeaky voice, wearing a fur coat.)
SYLVIA: Nice to meet you. May I sit down? (Karen pushes her down onto the sofa.)
WILL: Uh, be my guest.
JACK: (Sotto to Karen) Hey. That's the dragon lady?
WILL: That little pocket person is--is-- is the one who strikes fear in your-- in your heart facsimile?
KAREN: Well, I might have been exaggerating a little bit, but, uh, you know, I thought about it, and you're right. Getting along with people, like Madison Avenue, is a two-way street.
WILL: Madison Avenue is a one-way street.
KAREN: Oh! Well, that explains why those two cops had Driver in a choke hold last night. But you know what, the Goiter and I had a long talk, and, uh... She's not such a bad old bird after all. (Loudly) Right, Syl?
SYLVIA: What's that, dear?
KAREN: (To Will and Jack) Oh, she's thinkin' about her friends in the Lollipop Guild. You know, she was a U.S.O. girl in the war between the states. Oh, Wilma, be a love and get a little snicky snack for Syl, ok? Just a little birdseed and some sugar water. You can put it anywhere. She'll find it. (Karen sits down on the couch with Sylvia.)
JACK: I--I just don't get it. I can't believe someone as big as Stan came out of that tiny little woman.
WILL: Well, I'm no expert, but I read an article once in Skymiles magazine. Apparently, when they come out, they're much smaller.
JACK: Ugh, the whole thing's a horror.
WILL: It's nice to see Karen, you know, put in a little effort. You know, I knew if she just reached out to her-- Karen? (Karen is gone.)
SYLVIA: She took off.
JACK: Well, what are we gonna do? We have to be at the club in less than an hour. And I still need time to soak and spritz before I can sizzle.
WILL: Jack, relax. She's coming back. I mean, Karen might be evil, but she's not gonna stick us with her mother-in-law for the rest of the night.
(Cut to the Atom Bar.)
WILL: (To the bartender) Could I get a kamikaze?
JACK: (To the bartender) Rum and Coke, please?
SYLVIA: (Pushes her way between Jack and Will) Hot tea, please.
(Later. Will, Jack, and Sylvia have found a table. Will is on the phone trying to call Karen.)
JACK: (To Sylvia) So, Syl, um, let me ask ya. Do you ever regret throwin' that big blue diamond in the bottom of the water where the Titanic went down?
WILL: Karen's not answering.
JACK: Did you try her garter phone?
WILL: She has a garter ph-- What is she, one of the x-men?
JACK: Hey, when clubbing, I put my phone in my underwear.
WILL: Yeah, that's just so when it rings, you can say, "wanna grab that?"
JACK: It's true. Ok, here's the number, but you should know, it's only for real emergencies, like if Sunny Von Bulow comes to and starts pointing fingers.

SCENE IV: Karen's penthouse

(Two maids are cleaning as Karen walks down the stairs.)
KAREN: I can see you. (The maids scatter. A cell phone rings... Karen pulls a phone out from under her skirt. Answering the phone) Karen Walker's panties.
WILL: (Into the phone) Karen, we're down at the Atom Bar. Get over here and pick up your mother-in-law.
KAREN: (Into the phone) I will when you get over here and pick up your mother-in-law!
WILL: (Into the phone) I don't have a mother-in-law.
KAREN: (Into the phone) Then the deal's off!
WILL: (Handing the phone to Jack) You try.
JACK: (Into the phone) Hey, Kar. Yeah, listen. You got to come pick up the Goiter, ok? Yeah. well, see, we're at this huge party, and it's especially important to Will because, well, he has the opportunity to have his very first gay experience. (Laughing) Ha ha ha ha! (Laughing) I know! (Seriously) I know. I know.
WILL: (Grabbing the phone from Jack) Karen, I am not kidding around. Get your gin-soaked ass in your vodka-soaked limo and pick up your tea-soaked mother-in-law.
KAREN: (Into the phone) All right, all right. Don't get your training bra in a twist. I'll be there in 20 minutes.
WILL: (Into the phone) Thank you. (Hangs up. To Jack) Sometimes you just have to be a little tough with her. She's not coming, is she?

SCENE V: Nathan's apartment

(Grace knocks on Nathan's door. He answers.)
GRACE: You know, something you said yesterday really stuck in my craw.
NATHAN: What's a craw?
GRACE: I don't know. I think it's something like a claw.
NATHAN: Why didn't you just saw claw?
GRACE: Can we move past this?
NATHAN: Sure. "Crum" right in. We'll "crawk" about it.
GRACE: Ok, look. What you said about me and my roommate was totally off-base. I'll have you know that my relationship with Will is very healthy. We talk about everything. We spend every spare minute together. We don't date anyone that the other one doesn't approve of. Ok, that doesn't sound very healthy, but it's really more of a checkoff system.
NATHAN: Boy, I really got to you, didn't I?
GRACE: (Scoffs) No. I don't give a crap what you think.
NATHAN: Then why are you up here?
GRACE: I could ask you the same question.
NATHAN: Not really. I live here.
GRACE: You know what? I'm going to accept that as an apology for what you said about me and my roommate.
NATHAN: You mind, uh, "crosing" the door?

SCENE VI: The Atom Bar

(Will and Sylvia are at a table having a drink while Jack is off dancing.)
WILL: So, Sylvia, you having a good time?
SYLVIA: Oh. Uh, lean in, dear. There's a little something-- (Sylvia licks a Kleenex and wipes Will's face.)
WILL: And the night's complete. (Jack shuffles over to the table.)
JACK: It's official. We're dating.
WILL: Which one? The one on the right or the one on the left?
JACK: Yes. (Jack dances off.)
WILL: It's amazing. I'm a lawyer, I'm a nice guy, and I get no one. Jack eats Ho-Hos with chopsticks, keeps a phone in his pants, he gets everyone. Why do I keep putting myself through this? It's the same old letdown every time.
SYLVIA: Of course it is, dear. How do you expect anything in your life to change if you don't change?
WILL: Well, because-- You don't-- Huh....

SCENE VII: Nathan's apartment

(Grace once again knocks on Nathan's door. He answers.)
GRACE: The gullet of a bird or insect.
GRACE: Craw. That's what a craw is.
NATHAN: Well, hmm. now I can finish my Cheerios without wondering "why are we here?" Look, I gotta go.
GRACE: What, you got another project?
NATHAN: As a matter of fact, I do. You know, I'm still trying to get Vicki back, so I'm making her name out of... (French accent) pap-i-er-mâché.
GRACE: Out of what?
NATHAN: You know, pap-i-er-mâché, the French art of paper sculpture.
GRACE: It's "paper mâché," you pretentious boob. And do you really think that that is going to win her back?
GRACE: (Laughing and snorting) Oh, God. Boy, do you have a lot to learn about women. I mean, tons. (Sighs) A lot. (Beat) Much. (Beat) Plenty to learn.
NATHAN: Well, I know this much about women. When they hover in your doorway muttering tiny words, they're waiting for you to ask for their advice.
GRACE: Wrong.
NATHAN: What's your advice?
GRACE: Romance her. That's what women want. Do something that will take her breath away, and I'm not talking about shoving her face in your hamper.

SCENE VIII: The Atom Bar

(Will is ordering another drink for himself and Sylvia. Jack is off dancing. A young guy, Scott, notices Will.)
WILL: (To the bartender) Another round.
SCOTT: Hey. Will Truman, right? Riverside Drive, Mastercard expires March 2003?
WILL: Uh, wow, I knew these pants were tight. I didn't think you could read the contents of my wallet through them.
SCOTT: Scott. I'm the assistant manager at Gayle and Patty's Video.
WILL: Hey. (Will turns dismissively.)
SCOTT: Hey, listen, so, uh, if you remind me, the next time you come in, I'll give you a free microwave popcorn.
WILL: (Laughs uneasily) I appreciate that. I really don't think I'm gonna come in and say, "Hey, remember me? You promised me a free package of Pop Secret."
SCOTT: There's a Cassavetes double feature at the Film Forum, one where Gena Rowlands is drunk and crazy, the other where she's crazy and drunk. Do you want to go? Maybe get some dinner afterwards?
WILL: (Laughs) I don't know.
SCOTT: Why not?
WILL: Well, for one thing, in the Eighties, when I was wearing safety pins to look cool, you were wearing them to stay dry.
SCOTT: Give me a break. I'm 24 years old. What are you, 27?
WILL: 27? (Laughs) Yes, I am. But... Look, you're-- You're totally cute, but I just don't really see this-- You know, I usually go out with... (He looks over at Sylvia.) You know what? yes. Let's go out tomorrow night.
SCOTT: Cool, so around 10:00?
WILL: 10:00? I will have been in bed for four hours.
SCOTT: Ok, 9:00, we'll go out. You have your own Razor scooter, right? I'm kidding.
WILL: Ok, that was a good one. (He laughs. Will makes his way back to the table and hands Sylvia her tea.) Sylvia? That's on me. I took your advice, and I have got a date tomorrow night.
SYLVIA: Oh... Good for you, dear.
WILL: I gotta be honest. You know, at first, I was furious with Karen that she stuck us with you, but the truth is, if it weren't for you, I probably wouldn't have met that guy.
WILL: Yeah. Scott.
SYLVIA: You're a fag?
WILL: What?
SYLVIA: I helped a fairy get a date? Oh, I-I'm going to hell! (Grabs her heart) Oh!
JACK: Ok, it's over with those two, but I met my rebound couple, Bob and Chuck.
SYLVIA: You're queer, too?!
JACK: As Christmas in Bloomingdale's, girlfriend.
SYLVIA: Oh! Oh, help, police! (Pushing Jack aside) Oh, I'm surrounded by homos! (Running away) Homos, homos, homos!
WILL: (Chasing Sylvia) Just quiet down, Sylvia.
SYLVIA: Get away from me, you fruit! Oh, I'm a fag hag! Oh... (Blows whistle)
ALL: Whoo, whoo! Whoo, whoo...

SCENE IX: Nathan's apartment

(Grace knocks on Nathan's door. She's using metal tongs to hold a pair of boxer shorts.)
GRACE: (Knocking on the door.) Excuse me? Did you put your underwear in with my laundry? (Nathan opens the door. He's wearing a tuxedo.)
NATHAN: I needed to get you up here. (Nathan takes the underwear.)
GRACE: Ever hear of a Post-It?
NATHAN: Uh, yeah, but then my underwear would still be dirty. Hi.
GRACE: Wow. Look at you. You've gone from pig to Pygmalion. What do you want with me?
NATHAN: Oh, I just wanted to get your opinion. (Grace enters Nathan's apartment. It's cleaned up and set up to look like Venice, complete with a gondola and an Italian table.)
NATHAN: Yeah, Vicki always wanted to go to Venice, so I thought--
GRACE: I can't believe it. It's amazing.
GRACE: You can practically smell the canals.
NATHAN: Well, that's probably just the sheets. Come, sit down. I want you to get the total experience. (Nathan pulls out Grace's seat for her and then pulls it back.) Psych! Just kidding. Here ya go. (Pushes the chair in.) Would you care for some wine?
GRACE: Uh, ok. (Nathan pours Grace a glass of wine.)
NATHAN: So... Do you like this?
GRACE: Yeah. What are we doing?
NATHAN: Well... I just thought we'd have a nice little evening.
GRACE: But I thought that all of this was for Vicki.
NATHAN: Well, she saw all this, it didn't work for her, she blew me off, I kicked her out. Anyway, here's to us. (He raises his glass.)
GRACE: What? Are you out of your mind? Are you actually offering me a--a--a used night in Venice?
NATHAN: Look, I'm sorry--
GRACE: (Laughs) A-ha-ho-ho-ho!
NATHAN: No, no, no, hey. Look, ever since... You know, ever since you started yelling at me, I can't stop thinking about you, and besides, Vicki and I were never really right for each other. She doesn't get me. I need to be with someone who gets me.
GRACE: I don't get you.
NATHAN: Yeah, but in a totally different way.
GRACE: I don't-- You are-- I-- I-- (Laughs) I am horrified! I mean-- I mean, how could you think that this would work? I mean, do you see what you're offering me? A sloppy second gondola, a half-empty bottle of wine, a calzone with the sauce licked off the top. I mean, is this your idea of romance? You know nothing about women. I am so offended; I don't even know what to say. (Nathan grabs Grace and kisses her.) One date.

SCENE X: Karen's penthouse

(Karen hears a knock on the door.)
KAREN: Who is it?
VOICE: (Southern accent) Tanqueray delivery.
KAREN: Oh, thank God. (Karen opens the door. Will has a dolly with 2 cases of booze, with Sylvia sitting on top of the cases, giggling drunkenly. Will pushes the dolly into the next room. After a crash, Will wheels out an empty dolly and exits. Karen sighs)

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